Bulk Lubricants/DEF

Our company offers a wide range in bulk oil deliveries. We deliver quality oils that include motor, hydraulic, passenger car, ATF, AW and synthetic oils and service everything from quick lubes, truck companies, wood mills and many more. We offer totes of 250 gallon and 350 gallon.

Crain Oil offers value-added services for customers to meet the needs of their facility, job sites, etc. and we assist in establishing lubricants reliability goals. We work each day to ensure we are not just a supplier of lubricants, but a partner in business who understands the products we provide impact all aspects of their business. We offer a complete line of lubrication products covering your needs from heavy-duty fleet to industrial manufacturing lubricants. We’re committed to helping Georgia businesses succeed by providing the highest quality lubricants, including those for:

Industrial and Off-Highway
Passenger Car Motor Oils
Commercial Transportation
Rural Farms

In 2010 the EPA mandated that all new diesel engines reduce their harmful emissions by 90%. This was a costly restriction for both vehicle manufactures and owners. Diesel exhaust fluid was created as a cost effective solution to reduce emissions while still getting the power of a diesel engine. Diesel exhaust fluid is made up of a completely organic compound called urea that gives the fluid its safe and emission reducing capabilities. DEF is injected into the exhaust system and helps reduce emissions by converting the harmful gases into environmentally friendly gas and water vapor. DEF also provides fuel efficiency benefits to diesel engines. Since 2010 the EPA has continued to raise the standards for emissions including adding restrictions for off road diesel engines.

Crain Oil offers bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to the commercial, manufacturing, and trucking industries throughout Georgia. We also offer DEF in 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon Drums, and 330 Gallon totes. Please contact your area representative for information on bulk DEF setup.